Alaska Territory & Northern Canada

For this project I had the great honor of working with a client who was publishing a book for a friend detailing her grandmother's life in Alaska during the 1920s. The book compiles a collection of her grandmother's letters sent to her family who lived in Seattle. In the letters she describes her travels north in 1924, originally to Herschel Island working as a teacher, while her husband became a fur trader and later ran an outpost general store in Northern Alaska. She lives among the Eskimos for years, while raising three children, during their time in Alaska for over 20 years.

The letters reference important ships that would frequently travel from Seattle up to The Coronation Gulf. I hand drew and modeled each boat off of images my client sent me as well as pertinent animals and aircrafts. I’m rather pleased with how this turned out, and hope my illustration do the letters justice. I’m touched by the sentiment of my clients goal, and am happy to have added some visual aesthetic to the book!

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